Hi there, if you have landed on this page then it’s because¬† your special ūüôā

Below are pictures of the two copper pans I have just had professionally re-tinned by Newlyn Tinning

They are beautiful well-made pans with full copper handles unlike some that have steel handles. They would be perfect for using on the Aga, presenting a finished dish or helping dress a Cotswold Kitchen.  These are the type of pan we used at college when learning to be chefs, they took me back in time just a few years, hence I saved and restored them. The maker started in 1919 and I would suggest these date back as they are so well made. The palace used to use this pan maker apparently.

The large Saute pan is 26cm and 3,2kg  and the smaller Windsor pan is 16cm across and 1.6kg. They are not for the faint-hearted or weak-wristed.

They both have the markers make on them, an old established copper pan maker from London,  Leon Jaeggi and Sons

They are in perfect condition and were designed to be cooked in not just for show. Because they have been professionally re-tinned all they need is a wash and they are ready to go.

Copper is the best material for conducting heat evenly helping to make a perfect roux or sauce reduction. They are superb for serving / presenting your culinary accomplishments if you are hosting a kitchen supper.

If there is any interest let me know and I will bring them down one weekend.

Click on a picture and enjoy the slideshow. The larger one is priced £245 and the smaller one is £125. Includes delivery and a smile.


I only have the two so when they are gone they are gone, first come first serve ( see what I did there)

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